Social Media is no longer a promotional tool that businesses can afford to ignore.  Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram offer huge power to connect with and engage a target audience for a brand.  By creating conversations, providing inspiring content and giving an audience insight into the brand, it is possible to establish connections with people who could in turn become loyal customers.   

Over 70% of all internet users in the UK are active on social media; it is a revolution that is changing the way people connect, live and consume. 

Many business owners know all to well how important social media is, but we know it comes down to time and resources which can be sparse commodities.  We are constantly engaging socially on our own platforms as well as on behalf of clients and understand how much of a different it makes to a business of any size.

Peachy PR has established a new department to reflect the changing market and to meet the increasing need for a comprehensive and cohesive social media presence for businesses today.  We can be your time and resource, freeing you up to focus on other areas of business development and customer service.  We have experience of working on social media for a range of consumer brands and make it our mission to stay ahead of the developments so that we can offer the best service.

By given us access to the resources we need to integrate ourselves with your brand, we will be able to speak with your voice and engage an audience across your social media platforms.

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