How to get the most out of the Client/Agency relationship

We always want to provide the best service to our clients and as such try to to lay out the key components clearly before we even agree to get started, including what a client can expect from us but also what we need to expect from the client in order to be most effective.

An article just published on the Guardian Media Network really sums up well the most crucial aspects that a client can be aware of when looking to get the most out of their investment in PR.  Helping the client get the most out of their investment in PR is always at the forefront of our approach.  We know that guarantees can be few and far between and we also know that a PR budget is not always easy to come by for businesses of any size, so of course it's important for the investment to be maximised.

We're the PR experts with the contacts and the know how to make things happen for you, but this doesn't happen in isolation; there is a big part for clients to play in the process at all stages.


  • This is at all stages from being up front about your business, how it works and why you are looking for PR to support you as well as what you are hoping to achieve through PR.
  • The communication needs to be consistent and constant.  PR can move very quickly and we need to be able to seek approval, quotes, go ahead and opinion.

Build a relationship with us:

  • Shared connections, productive meetings, engagement with the possibilities and opportunities makes the difference to a PR campaign.  We are here to help you and you are investing in us; there needs to be some sort of relationship to make this as effective as possible.
  • Share news, updates, developments and information with us as soon as possible and as far in advance as you can.  There can be no underestimating the importance of keeping a PR campaign moving forward through refreshing and renewing our offering to press.

Jump at the opportunity:

  • Follow the rule that 'It's always urgent' and every opportunity we put to you could win you exposure and, ultimately, new business: Aren't these the results we're aiming for and why you are looking to PR?
  • Opportunities will get missed with too much delay, so maintaining communication and making decisions quickly keeps the process streamlined. 
  • Every time we have to let down a contact, we are eroding the relationships we are nurturing for the benefit of every client.

Collaboration and Two-way Communication:

  • One of the key things that will always be emphasised in any pitch is the nature of 'collaboration'.  The client should feel comfortable with us and the work we are doing, comfortable enough to discuss your hopes, ideas and aspirations for PR.
  • We come back to the point of making the most of your investment but being involved in the process.  Collaborate, communicate and trust us and what we ask of you.
  • "We want to be and remain on the same page… always." (GMN)

Mutual trust and communication are the corner stones of a successful Client/Agency relationship.