New Client: aMuse Fashions

Peachy PR has been appointed to manage the press and publicity from September for aMuse Fashions, created by jewellery designer Sarah Nettleton. Sarah designs from her London studio, producing lightweight pieces including rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces from materials such as resin.


Sarah's story: "I have a great interest in modern materials and accessories, but a low tolerance for heavy earrings and necklaces. Designing and creating the pieces myself seemed like the perfect way to find what I wanted while doing something I loved. I strive to create jewellery that is new, fun, and colourful, including influences from classic sculpture, modern art, and nature."

We're so excited to be working with Sarah to promote her unique jewellery to the media and consumers.  Her business is ready to take the next step and PR will help her do this.   

Hold onto your hats - we're kicking off in September and we already have big plans! 

Check out her website :