We are recruiting!

You may have seen the recent influx of new clients... With numerous pitches in the works, as well as three new clients waiting in the wings to be announced, we are expanding our team!


We have created two opportunities for young adults who are passionate about learning all there is to know about working in a PR agency and are looking for hands on experience.   We are recruiting a Full Time PR Assistant and a Part Time Paid PR Intern for a minimum term of 3 months.  If you think you're well suited to either of these positions then we want to hear from you.

Is fashion your passion? Will you be thrilled and not daunted by the prospect of working with a broad client base like ours? From Beauty to Interiors and Lifestyle to Fashion, Peachy PR works in on promoting businesses in a number of consumer areas and we're looking for applicants that will enhance our team and be a part of moving this young agency and our clients to the next level.

Read more of the specifics on each job role here and email CVs and covering letters to fiona@peachypr.co.uk